Howard J Woods Jr & Associates, LLC
Providing world-class water and wastewater service is a tough job. Customers continue to expect more for less, environmental & security concerns continue to mount, and the facilities used to provide these essential services get older every day. Consolidation, regionalization and privatization also put intense stress on all levels of the work force.
Howard J. Woods, Jr. & Associates can help you navigate through these challenges and help you find the least costly means of providing the services your customers and stakeholders demand.

New Challenges:
USEPA says over $275 billion in new water and wastewater facility construction will be needed to comply with Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act requirements over the next 20 years. We can help you get the most out of your systems and keep rates down.

We Can Help:
Prepare practical cost reduction plans
Develop responsible staffing strategies
Audit energy utilization and reduce costs
Tailor best operating practices to your unique needs
Provide expert testimony on costs and service levels
Conduct facility assessments
Develop environmental compliance strategies
Complete vulnerability assessments
Conduct environmental and safety audits
Prepare long-range facility plans
Guide the purchase or sale of a complete system
Assess privatization alternatives




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