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Howard J Woods Jr & Associates, LLC
Here are a few details about some of our recently completed projects and topics of current interest. Please check back frequently as these highlights are changed often.

Sewer System Sold

Energy Cost Cut 30%

Security Fact Sheet

We assisted the New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel in assessing drought conditions effecting water utilities in New Jersey during the 2002 drought. Howard J Woods Jr & Associates analyzed proposals for water supply interconnections to mitigate drought impacts, developed position statements regarding pricing alternatives, and provided a critique of State water supply management initiatives prior to and during drought conditions.

We developed a long range water demand forecast for the Passaic Valley Water Commission. The forecast accounted for changes in population and employment within the Commission's retail service area and it developed water consumption forecasts for over two dozen sale-for-resale water utility customers. Related forecasts for peak daily demand and average daily demand during the maximum month were also developed.

Howard J Woods Jr & Associates served as an expert witness in a matter involving a dispute between a New Jersey municipal water department and a well contractor. We assisted the contractor in supporting its claim for a contract modification and the recovery of unanticipated expenses. The arbitrator awarded the contractor 100% of its cost claim.



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